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The 31 Day Test of the KETO BodyTone Supplement

Our research had shown that the Keto Diet worked very well, but we wanted to see if when combined with the KETO BodyTone Keto supplement, if the dieter would obtain even better and quicker results. Our case study used a healthy young woman of 25 years old, who did not smoke and used alcohol sparingly. She was unhappy with her body, and felt as though her confidence has lowered since she put on some weight. We wanted her to feel like herself again and also live a healthier lifestyle! She was looking forward to seeing results and feeling overall better. Our subject followed a keto diet and used the supplement, KETO BodyTone for a full month. The results were remarkable. Keep reading to see pictures and learn about her experience!

We selected the KETO BodyTone supplement because of its a leader in the Keto supplment industry. After days of research, we found KETO BodyTone to be the mostly highly review diet product. With over 4,000 positive comments and an overall rating of 4.9, this supplement appeared to be a strong choice. **ONLINE BUYER TIP** We were about to purchase it when we realized that the Keto suppliers are currently offering exclusive LIMITED DISCOUNT. (More Information Below)

The secret behind the KETO BodyTone is its ability to suppress the appetite and increase the speed of your metabolism, while turning your body into a virtual fat burning machine, by keeping it in a state of ketosis.

Why is KETO BodyTone so effective?

KETO BodyTone contains the naturally occurring ingredients, Keto Salts, which forces the body into a constant state of Ketosis. Ketosis is a natural process the body initiates to help us survive when food intake is low. During this state, we produce ketones, which are produced from the breakdown of fats in the liver. By putting your body into Ketosis, it is constantly burning carbs and fat for energy.

KETO BodyTone has been clinically proven to:

  • ★ Increase the speed of metabolism by 70%
  • ★ Stops the production of glucose and fat producing cells by 150%
  • ★ Help the body burn fat and convert it to energy instead of storing it
  • ★ Boost energy levels, it is rich in antioxidants and serotonin
  • ★ Reduce levels of Cortisol (the stress hormone) to improve mental health
  • ★ Helps protect and regenerates brain function and the nervouse system

For our Case Study, we ordered KETO BodyTone with LIMITED DISCOUNT.

Three days later KETO BodyTone was delivered. Below are the results. They are interesting to say the least!


My Results - I lost 28 lbs of stomach fat in just one month using the KETO BodyTone, I look and feel great! - Alice Clemmens (Yes!)
What did we do?
1. Took one KETO BodyTone pill in the morning. Making sure to drink lots of water throughout the day.
2. Took one KETO BodyTone in the evening.

Week 1
It's Day 7 of taking KETO BodyTone. When I started I weighed 162 pounds. I'm at 155 after 7 days, but that's most likely water weight that I lost, and some fat burned. However, I feel the impact that it's made. I feel so much more energetic. I usually crash pretty bad around 3PM at work and feel lazy and that has completely disappeared at this point, it's awesome!
Week 2
It's Day 14, I got on the scale and weigh 145. 10 more pounds gone. I've lost over 17 pounds in 14 days so far, but again the first 10 pounds are usually water weight. I do feel less stress and I noticed I don't twist and turn in bed anymore. I also feel way more energetic and alert in the mornings as well.
Week 3
Its Day 18 of the KETO BodyTone diet. Before I even got on the scale I noticed my pants were looser than usual. The scale said 142. I haven't weighed less than 145 ever since I got married. I've even gotten a couple compliments by co-workers and friends; people are really starting to notice the weight loss! At this point I know the diet works, but the 35 pound claims by people may be difficult to achieve. I guess we'll see in the next few weeks.
Week 4
It's Day 28 and I weigh 136. I definitely cut down on my sugar intake this week. There is still 4 more days, I'm so excited about these changes. My husband is actually flirting with me again. We went out last night and for the first time in a while and I notice him getting irritated when other men looked at me! The last time that happened was years ago!
Week 5
It's day 31, I officially weigh 134 pounds and I've lost over 28 pounds in 31 days. Words can't explain how amazing I feel. It's a lot easier to shop nowadays. It doesn't take me forever to find the perfect size any more. No more asking "Do you have this in a bigger size?"" It's even helping my marriage, my husband and I started actually going out on the weekends like we did before we got married! Overall, my self esteem and confidence has been great and I'm so happy with the results.

In Conclusion, we were a little doubtful here at Yes!, but you need to try the effects of this diet for yourself; the results are real. After conducting our own personal study we are pleased to see that people are really finding success with it, myself included. And you have nothing to lose. To order your limited discount bottles, follow the link I have provided and know that you are a getting quality product that works; no strings attached!

Evelyn Smith | Yes!

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Tina Lewis
I have been using this weight loss combo for 3 weeks now, and I lost 12 pounds already. Go Ron and Michael! You're doing the right thing!!
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Tanya Porquez
I've been using the combo for about 6 wks (Keto ), and honestly, this is unbelievable!! All I have to say is WOW.
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Jennifer Jackson Mercer
Keto is all natural and awesome! is so good for your health! And such a great price! You go Lauren and Justin! You guts are awesome.
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Katy Parrott
Never even knew about this combo. I am very much pleased after using it. Not to mention it's so cheap!
Like · Reply ·1818
Lauren Gibson
I saw this on the news. How lucky is this InTouch editor Susan to have found this opportunity!?!?! Thank you for sharing this tip! I just ordered both products.
Like · Reply ·2747
Julie Keyse
Omg I hope this actually works! It's super cheap at least! =X
Like · Reply ·1949
Sarah Williams
Actually the whole Kardashian family is on Keto , Ill try it, see what it does, they are giving risk free bottles, why not.
Like · Reply ·2626
Kirsten Bauman Riley
The Kardashian family actually has lost a lot of weight using this combo. I'm going to give these products a chance to work their magic on me. I've tried everything out there and so far nothing has been good enough to help me.
Like · Reply ·2292
Celia Kilgard
worked for me! It worked just like I thought it would. It was easy enough and I just want others to know when something works.
Like · Reply ·2086
Alanna ‘martin' Payne
Thanks for the info guys, just started mine.
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